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More on Biffle, buoys

Several BassFans have raised more questions about Tommy Biffle's fishing area at last week's Arkansas River Central open. The source of confusion is apparently photo No. 34 from B.A.S.S.'s day-2 photo gallery, which appears to show Biffle inside a buoy line. In essence, there are no buoys in sight between Biffle and the Ft. Gibson Dam, so it's easy to assume the photo depicts Biffle inside the boat-restricted area.

Assumptions are different than fact, according to Biffle, who again told BassFan that he grew up fishing that exact area, knows full well that boats are not allowed past the buoy line, was in plain view of B.A.S.S. photographer James Overstreet all 3 days, was under the view of his co-anglers and bank-walking fans and did not venture into the restricted area.

The photo is question, he said, is a trick of the camera angle. He believes that a buoy is on the far side of his boat, and the lens angle wasn't wide enough to catch the buoys to either side.

"There was no current up there and a lot of times I'd put a buoy in the middle of the boat," Biffle said. "I fished over the buoy line but didn't put the boat over it. In fact, when I snagged my line, I'd back up from the buoy line and break it, so when I pulled on it, it didn't pull me over the cable."

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