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Berkley introduces Ike-designed Gilly

Berkley introduces Ike-designed Gilly

Mike Iaconelli might be semi-retired from professional tournament fishing, but there’s little doubt that the 2003 Bassmaster Classic champ and 2006 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year continues to make an impact on the sport.

Iaconelli, a 12-time winner – including two Major League Fishing Cups – and earner of more than $3 million in tournament winnings, is the driving force behind a number of baits on the market, including the new Berkley PowerBait Gilly.

Shown here in pumpkinseed, the Gilly arrives after Ike looked to Japan for inspiration, then turning the Berkley bait scientists loose to make a bait that incorporates all of the best features of a swimbait design along with the unique PowerBait flavor and scent properties that help fish hold the bait longer so anglers get more and better hooksets.

With a hollow head section, the Gilly is a soft bait that collapses during strikes while allowing the bait to swim upright no matter how it’s rigged. With tabs built into the tail section, the motion is ultra-realistic and looks like an easy-to-ambush and tasty meal to a lurking bass.

Able to be rigged in a variety of ways – Berkley says that the soft lure can be Texas-rigged, placed on a jighead, put on a weighted swimbait hook, tied on with a line-through stinger hook setup, dropshotted, or any other way an angler can dream up – the new PowerBait Gilly comes in a variety of sizes including 90mm, 90mm HD, 110mm, 110mm HD, 130mm, and 130mm HD.

With package counts varying from two to four depending upon the size, current colors available in the 2021 Gilly series will imitate a variety of baitfish, sunfish and more. Those current color schemes include HD warmouth, HD yellow perch, HD sunfish, HD pumpkinseed, HD bluegill, HD crappie, black/blue fleck, blue shiner gold, Ike’s green pumpkin blue flash, green pumpkin, pumpkinseed and watermelon candy.
MSRPs are $6.40 for standard colors and $7.49 for HD Tru Colors.

– Lynn Burkhead
OSG Senior Digital Editor

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