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Big kicker propels Potomac day-1 leader

Big kicker propels Potomac day-1 leader

Wayne Vaughan of Chester, Va. caught a 17-pound stringer to take the early lead at the Potomac River Eastern Toyota Series out of Marbury, Md. He'll start day 2 with a 1-02 lead over Preston Harris of North Carolina.

Vaughan's bag was highlighted by a 6-05 kicker.

“That fish is out of place on the Potomac these days is all I can tell you,” Vaughan said. “That put me over the hump. Before I caught that fish I had about 13 1/2 pounds, I reckon, and then I caught [that 6-pounder] and it put me over the hump. But I was figuring 12 to 13 pounds a day has a really good chance of winning, so when I caught that big one I knew it was kind of a special day.”

Here are the totals for the initial Top 10:

1. Wayne Vaughan: 17-00
2. Preston Harris: 15-14
3. Shawn Huwar: 15-13
4. Cody Pike: 14-04
5. Danny Kirk: 14-03
6. Robert Grike: 14-01
7. Brian Calloway: 13-15
8. James Maupin: 13-04
9. (tie) Aaron Dixon: 13-00
9. (tie) Christopher Grenier: 13-00

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