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Watson leads BPT push to Siren Marine

Watson leads BPT push to Siren Marine

Siren Marine has announced its increased presence in the bass fishing and freshwater boating markets by partnering with two dozen Bass Pro Tour competitors, all of whom have had the company’s Connected Boat security systems installed on their tournament rigs.

James Watson was the first to have a system installed on his boat and he was sold on its usefulness right away.

“When I saw how easy and practical it is to set up an MTC with wireless sensors for batteries, gear lockers and more, I knew these guys would be all over it,” Watson said. “So, I reached out to some of my many friends on the circuit. After all, we all want more peace of mind when it comes to our boat and equipment.”

With the Siren Marine MTC device installed on their boat, anglers can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor the boat’s location, movement, battery charging status and more, while preventing theft, vandalism and other hazards tournament anglers sometimes encounter while traveling.

Siren Marine founder and CEO Daniel Harper said the professional tournament fishing sector is an ideal platform for the company’s Connected Boat technology.

“Tournament anglers already have enough on their minds without having to worry about if their batteries are charged up or if somebody has messed with their boat or gear during the night,” said Harper. “Whether they are competing or practicing, these guys are always making a living with their boats. Issues that might be a nuisance to recreational anglers have a much greater impact on pros who must be ready to fish and win at all times. We’re pleased to be associated with these high-profile anglers and proud that our technology will be providing the peace of mind they need to stay on top of their game.”

Additionally, recent adoption of this technology by boat builders, motor builders, insurance companies, fleet operators and other industry stakeholders make this an ideal time for Siren Marine to aggressively engage with the bass fishing market. Siren Marine is currently developing OEM partnerships and programs with a variety of leading bass boat manufacturers and will soon be distributing its Connected Boat system online through retail partners.

Among the other pros utilizing Siren’s technology are Alton Jones, Brent Chapman, Jordan Lee, Aaron Martens, Justin Atkins, Zack Birge, Stephen Browning, Brandon Coulter, Anthony Gagliardi, Timmy Horton, Alton Jones Jr., Jason Lambert, Mike McClelland, Cody Meyer, Ish Monroe, Michael Neal, Brandon Palaniuk, Mark Rose, Fred Roumbanis, Scott Suggs, Gerald Swindle, Jonanthon VanDam, David Walker and Jacob Wheeler.

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