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Report: FLW CEO Jacobs, wife found dead at home

A report published by the Lakeshore Weekly News today says the two people found dead inside the Orono, Minn., home of FLW CEO Irwin Jacobs on Wednesday morning were Jacobs and his wife, Alexandra.

The paper cited a family friend who confirmed the identities of the people found.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune also updated its reporting to cite a business associate and friend of Jacobs, who said he'd been told that Jacobs was responsible for the deaths by Jacobs' son, Mark, and a secretary for Jacobs.

Dennis Mathisen told the paper that Alexandra Jacobs "had been in a wheelchair for the last year or so and had signs of dementia. Irwin was just distraught over her condition.

Mathisen also said he spoke with Irwin Jacobs about three days ago, and he was upbeat. I talked with his son Mark yesterday, and he talked to both of them. He said Irwin seemed up.

At a news conference this afternoon, Orono Police Chief Corey Farniok said the investigation is still active, but authorities are not pursuing any suspects at this time.

"We feel there is no threat to the community and that it's a contained situation, but if our investigation leads us to any other path, we'll make sure to get that information out immediately," Farniok said.

When asked if the matter is being treated as a murder-suicide, Farniok said, "I can't say at this point."

Farniok added there had not been any recent police calls to the Jacobs' house.

We have no comment at this time, a spokesperson for FLW said in a text message to BassFan. We are still gathering information and will be issuing a statement when appropriate.

Trish Blake, daughter of Irwin and Alexandra Jacobs, has been president of the marketing division for FLW since 2010.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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