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Ike's new show premieres Friday

“Fish My City With Mike Iaconelli” will premiere Friday (Oct. 12) at 10 p.m. EST on Nat Geo Wild. In the show, Iaconelli travels to some of the biggest cities in the world in a quest to cross certain fish species off his bucket list.

During each episode, Iaconelli guides viewers on an unpredictable journey through a different major city, uncovering the often-untold stories of strange and amazing fish lurking in ponds, canals, sewer systems and rivers. The cities featured are London, Miami, Taipei, Taiwan, New York City, New Orleans and Austin, Texas.

His mission in each city is to catch three specific species of fish called his “bucket-list fish.” Along the way, he encounters old friends and knowledgeable locals with invaluable intel, hunts down mysterious habitats and chases urban legends, all in a bid to come face-to-face with the most legendary fish species of each city.

To see a teaser video shot in Ike's hometown of Philadelphia, click below.

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