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Cup: Day 2 updates

BassFan editor Todd Ceisner will continue to post updates as the action unfolds at Lake Murray today on day 2 of the Forrest Wood Cup. It'll be interesting to see how the field adjusts today and how the leaderboard gets shuffled around.

> 10:30 am: On the way back to the ramp we come across Anthony Gagliardi and a crowd of 10 spectator boats. He's fishing off shore making long casts. He lightens the mood a bit when he says to the onlookers, "How about I follow one of y'all to my next hole." Two casts later he picks up and heads off. We are heading in. Seems like a tougher morning overall today.

> 10:05 am: Meyer is flipping a small cluster of docks and is halfway through with no luck yet. We're heading over to check on another competitor who stopped offshore not too far away. It's Matt Arey with four spectator boats in tow. He's got one keeper.

> 9:54 am: Meyer just made a 10-mile run toward the dam and is now fishing offshore. I'm sure he'd like to get the first keeper in the boat here. There is no breeze here today where there were 3-footers yesterday. The sun is getting higher and it's getting hotter. In turn, the fishing has gotten tougher. Not that it wasn't already.

> 9:30 am: Meyer worked through a couple more areas with no luck and just made a 5-minute run and is again fishing a rocky point.

> 8:57 am: Meyer starts working a point with a rocky bank and, of course, docks. Still looking for keeper No. 1. He's approaching a stretch of boat lifts now.

> 8:30 am: Meyer catches his first bass but it's a short. He's now moved to a causeway. Two casts and we are moving again.

> 7:58 am: Meyer continues to fish his milk run of pockets and points. Yesterday, his better fish came deep so he might be waiting for the sun to get higher before switching it up. He's yet to catch a fish today.

> 7:31 am: Meyer is off and moving again, his fourth move already. He's fishing mainly small pockets with isolated docks and bank grass. And we are off again.

> 7:10 am: Cody Meyer starts with a topwater along some bank grass but he's quickly back behind the wheel and makes a short run around the other side of the island. He's now fishing a new dock that's still under construction.

> 6:15 AM: I'm back out at Dreher Island State Park and there appears to be a better crowd starting to gather to get a glimpse of takeoff. Not a cloud in the sky and it's 72 degrees.

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