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Ike the bottle collector

Ike the bottle collector

(Editor's note: Here's a low-key piece about Mike Iaconelli submitted by longtime industry rep Alan McGuckin. The final item might be the most interesting: Who knew that Ike collects old bottles?)

Mike Iaconelliís Bassmaster Elite Series win on the Delaware River in his hometown of Philadelphia was certainly one of the most adrenalin-packed wins in B.A.S.S. history.

His passion is transparent. His popularity is nearly unparalled. But there are a few things weíre still learning about Ike.

> Five lures that got a lot of work on the Delaware during Ikeís intense practice days leading up to victory: 1) Shaky-head with a black grape trick worm; 2) Berkley Havoc Pit Boss in a color called Okeechobee craw, rigged on a 5/0 VMC flipping hook and a 3/8-ounce VMC tungsten weight; 3) Black and blue heavy-cover jig; 4) Rapala DT6 crankbait in a color called Caribbean shad; 5) Molix double-willow spinnerbait with painted white blades. Note: the Berkley Havoc Pit Boss ended up being one of the most important lures in Ikeís win.

> Four who have Iaconelliís heart and soul: His children. The man who sometimes acts like a kid himself is absolutely, positively consumed by the love he has for his four children; Vegas, Rylie, Stelly, and Drew. Heís as much a part of their lives as Trent Cole is to the Eaglesí defense. And man, do his kids ever idolize and love him back.

> Three lures Iaconelliís longtime roommate on tour and close friend John Crews used on the Delaware River to catch 31 pounds of bass and gain a Top-12 finish: 1) Missile Baits Baby D Bomb in a color called super bug; 2) Missile Baits Fuse 4.4 on a Missile Warlock 1/8-ounce head; 3) 3/8-ounce Delta Lures vibration jig tipped with a Missile Baits 3.5 Shockwave.

> Two of the many legendary eateries Ike rattled-off when asked where to find a good cheesesteak: 1) Genoís; 2) Patís. Interestingly, Patís and Genoís compete diagonally across the street from one another, just one long Iaconelli cast apart.

> One thing very few people know about Iaconelli: He loves to collect antique glass bottles often located in the backyard trash privies of Philadelphia homes built in the 1700s. ďI was 15 when I found my first one. It was an ink bottle. Some are milk bottles, others are flasks or medicine bottles, but my favorites are ink bottles. I havenít dug for them in 20 years, but I still collect them through the Internet and Iím still a member of some glass collectors clubs and receive their newsletters.Ē

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