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Colson rock-solid on and off water

Colson rock-solid on and off water

Ramie Colson Jr. recently completed the second-best season of his 10-year FLW career as he finished 16th on the points list and notched a pair of Top-20 placements to earn his third career Forrest Wood Cup berth. He hasn't been resting on his laurels over the past month, though he's spent much of it pouring concrete.

"My dad started this business and did it for 45 years and I picked up the trade in high school," he said. "Besides fish, it's all I've ever done, and me and my little brother run it now.

"Last year was pretty slow and this year up until May was really slow, but since then it's been like somebody turned a light switch on. There's a few new houses being built around here (he resides in Cadiz, Ky.) and it's really ramped up.

"I wish I was as good as Andy," he continued, referring to frequent road roommate and longtime friend Andy Morgan, who's won the past two Angler of the Year awards. "Then I wouldn't have to do all this."

When asked what separates Morgan from the average Tour pro, Colson pointed to the Tennessean's ability to quickly evaluate areas within a body of water.

"He can cover a whole lake in about 2 days," Colson said. "He's got that down pat. I pick out one area and by the time I get done fishing it, he's gone through the whole lake.

"Maybe I try to dissect an area too much and put too much thought into it. He just goes fishing and he still covers everything. I'll see him come in and in 15 minutes he's checked everything he needs to check and he's gone down the lake. It's hard to keep up with him."

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