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Haynes sacks 27-10 for fifth Rayovac win

Haynes sacks 27-10 for fifth Rayovac win

Randy Haynes caught a tournament-best 27-10 sack on Saturday to win the Kentucky Lake Central Rayovac with a 3-day total of 75-05. It was his fifth career Rayovac triumph, tying him with fellow FLW Tour pro Koby Kreiger for the record in that category.

“I put a lot of practice in and yesterday it felt like my fish down south were going away,” he said. “I was coming out of Jonathan Creek this morning and three-quarters of the way out I wasn’t sure if I was going to go right or left. I went down south and fished two spots for about 30 minutes to clear my mind, then I went back up north toward the dam and I knew I had made the right decision.”

Haynes said he burned upwards of 40 gallons of gas each day of the tournament and burned even more today to put together his winning bag.

“I caught several fish down south, but I only kept one that was about 3 1/2 pounds because I didn’t want to have to start culling. A lot of times my windows to catch fish would only be two or three minutes long and I needed to keep up with them and not waste time culling. I didn’t even have to catch a bass to make them move. If they bit they were moving.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he said of his win and recent string of success in FLW events. “The competition is getting so tough, and guys really understand ledge-fishing. It is so hard to stay on top. Depthfinders are getting better and there are more guys out on the ledges than ever before. Especially Kentucky Lake – it has some of the best ledge fishermen in the country.”

He caught most of his bass on a Profound Outdoors Z-Boss 20, a Strike King 10XD, a variety of swimbaits and a 1-ounce Profound Outdoors jig. Full details of his winning pattern will be published soon.

Here are the final totals for the Top 10:

1. Randy Haynes: 75-05
2. Jason Lambert: 73-07
3. Mark Rose: 71-03
4. Barry Wilson: 70-02
5. Brandon Hunter: 69-13
6. Scott Canterbury: 68-01
7. Michael Wooley: 67-02
8. Todd Hollowell: 66-01
9. Mark Pierce: 63-08
10. Ray Barga: 63-01

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