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Kennedy's big 'un on video

The 8-14 behemoth that Steve Kennedy caught on day 2 of the Sam Rayburn Reservoir FLW Tour was the second-biggest fish of the event, trailing only a 9-00 by Mark Rose that same day. Kennedy's battle with his bruiser was captured on video and has been posted on YouTube.

The fish took a Kinami Flash that was attached to spinning gear and skipped between two cypress trees. The fight isn't extremely long, but contains some anxious moments Ė particularly the point at which Kennedy is forced to pass the rod around one of the trees.

"That's 'the one that got away' a thousand times over, and I put that sucker in the boat," he said. "I'm proud of it. It's one of the most awesome catches I've ever been a part of."

To see it, click below.

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