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G. Loomis expands, simplifies warranties

G. Loomis expands, simplifies warranties

G. Loomis announced today it has expanded its Xpeditor service program and simplified its limited lifetime warranty.

Here are the highlights:

> Every rod that's returned to the Woodlands, Wash., factory is examined for problems or breaks due to material or workmanship. If an angler is submitted a warranty claim, G. Loomis will no longer charge a claim review fee. If the rod is covered by warranty, a replacement rod will be sent at no charge.

> If it's not covered under warranty, anglers can pay $95 ($120 CAN for service to Canada) to replace any broken rods in the GL2 or GL3 series. The fee to replace any NRX, GLX, Pro4X, IMX or blended graphite rods is $120 ($145 CAN).

> If the rod broke due to accident, misuse or under normal wear and tear, anglers can use the Xpeditor service. For GL2 and GL3 series rods, the Xpeditor service fee is reduced to $75 ($100 CAN). The fee for all other G.Loomis rods – casting, spinning or fly - is $100 ($125 CAN).

> Anglers who have a G.Loomis ‘Wildcard’ from buying an NRX or GL2 rod will be allowed a one-time Xpeditor service replacement for no charge.

For more information, click here or call (877) 577-0600.

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