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Solunar data easy to get from anywhere

Does Solunar data, which identifies the periods each day when fish and game are likely to be most active, have any bearing on when, where or how you fish? If so, the folks at In-Fisherman magazine have made it easy for you to access that data whenever you choose – for wherever you happen to be.

Using an auto-detect system, In-Fisherman's online calendar delivers the best times based on the latitude and longitude (of the nearest city or zip code) where the anglers who search the website are located. In short, it automatically delivers personalized best times to online users.

“Mobile users can download a web app for the Solunar Calendar to their homepage on their phones or tablets," said In-Fisherman online editor Jeff Simpson. "Lots of people are doing this. We also offer moonrise and moonset, sunrise and sunset. I use it all the time for both fishing and hunting.”

To get the free app, use your smartphone and go to

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