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Quantum's TourMg honored by F&S

Quantum's TourMg honored by F&S

The first time Gary Klein picked up Quantum's new 5.4-ounce TourMg baitcasting reel, he reacted much like an avid bowler might if he or she where handed a ball that weighed less than a pound. The editors of Field & Stream Magazine eventually became believers, too, as they've given it their “Best of the Best” award among all new freshwater baitcasting reels.

Magnesium is the fourth most common element in the Earth, but until now, its price has made it prohibitive for use in most reels. Quantum’s new TourMg finally makes a magnesium baitcasting reel affordable for avid anglers. As stated in the March issue of Field & Stream, “Good luck finding another genuine magnesium baitcaster for under $300.”

The TourMg is built with an extremely lightweight magnesium frame and gear-side cover (along with a carbon palm-side cover) for a retail price that’s as much as $300 less than some of the magnesium baitcasters on the market. Loaded with 11 PT bearings, an Internal Centrifugal cast control system not only helps dial in spool tension to changes in lure weights and wind direction, but also helps reduce weight by taking heavier magnetic controls off the reel. Field & Stream editors stated the TourMg even delivered small lures without a hint of backlash.

Anglers won’t need to fear a drag failure when they slam home the hook with a TourMg in their hands, as Quantum’s exclusive Performance Tuned ceramic drag system will be there to endure the fight.

Priced at around $279 and available in both a high-speed 7.0:1 and an all-purpose 6.3:1 gear ratio, the TourMg’s feather-like 5.4 ounces is among the absolute lightest of any reel in its category, at a savings of $60 to $300 when compared to other magnesium baitcasters.

“It seems like during my 30 years of fishing with Quantum that every year I swear it can’t get any better,” said Klein. “That’s how I thought about Smoke, then came EXO, and now the TourMg – it’s really amazing. You’d think I’d learn to trust our product managers when they tell me they’re working on something even better than we have right now.”

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