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What is Torzite?

What is Torzite?

A recent email exchange with veteran Florida pro Bernie Schultz led to an interesting discussion about guide-ring technology. Fuji, one of his sponsors, has teamed with Japanese ceramics manufacturer Kyocera to create a material called Torzite, which results in what the company says is the "thinnest, lightest, smoothest casting ring ever developed."

Jim Ising of Anglers Resource (the U.S. distributor for Fuji products) explained that Torzite is the first material created specifically for use as guide rings on fishing rods. All other materials that've performed that function, including the current industry standard Silicon Carbide (or SiC), were spawned by the abrasives and/or bearing industries.

"Torzite makes a big difference on the water," said Schultz. "Gram for gram, itís a much stronger ring material, making it perfectly suited for braided lines. And the lighter, thinner rings increase sensitivity, which applies to so many techniques involving light line and various soft plastics."

The Torzite ring accepts a higher level of polish than any previous material, making it nearly five times less abrasive to braid, fluorocarbon and monofilament lines. It'll soon be available in Fuji's high-end titanium frames in the popular K-Series, as well as other leading spinning and casting guide models.

Ising said the price point for Torzite is about 20% to 30% higher than SiC.

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