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Classic: Day 3 Live Coverage

Welcome to BassFan's live coverage of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

BassFan editor Todd Ceisner will be on the water all 3 days bringing you closer to the action as it unfolds. Today, he's back on the water with Tim Carini. They've decided to follow Randall Tharp as he makes a run at history today.

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> 9:14 am: Tharp just swung and missed. We're getting ready to head in. Have to meet with the folks from Shimano and try out the new Curados. Tharp just caught a short.

> 9:01 am: Ott DeFoe just ran up the lake with not one spectator in pursuit. Huh.

> 8:50 am: Tharp has moved again. He's now in the main river in front of the entrance to Goose Pond. Things have slowed for him. Still about 25 boats on him.

> 8:38 am: Up the lake toward BB Comer Bridge we can see a wad of boats. Word is it's day-2 star Paul Mueller.

> 8:33 am: Tharp is off and running to spot 2. We will stick with him. It's a short run out into the main river. Looks like he might be after more current.

> 8:04 am: Tharp is throwing a lipless crank and the current seems to turn on and off in this area. Another drone camera helicopter is in the area. It's so close to the water that it's throwing a ripple on the surface where he's casting.

> 7:45 am: Tharp hooks up on consecutive casts. The first was short, the second one he lipped and threw into the boat as let out a big "YES!" Looked to be a 3 1/2-pounder. It's now in the livewell and he's off and running. And he's landed another keeper. That's two for Tharp.

> 7:35 am: Tharp hooks up, but it's a short. Tharp's throng has swelled to 50 or so.

> 7:25 am: Evers whizzed by and headed toward Goose Pond with 15-20 boats in pursuit while Tharp headed right and sat down on a hump on the edge of the main river channel. Tharp has about 30 boats on him and to this point we don't see anyone fishing.

> 7:02 am: Here comes the calvary. We can hear the the din of engines heading this way.

> 6:13 am: We've arrived at Langston City Park in South Sauty Creek as we believe it'll put us closer to where Tharp will be fishing without having to battle the mass of boats that'll surely follow him from blast-off. Just waiting for Tim to get here so we can get going. It's 42 degrees and looks to be another stellar day weather-wise.

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