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Classic: Day 2 live coverage

<b><font color=blue>Classic: Day 2 live coverage</font color></b>

Welcome to BassFan's live coverage of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

BassFan editor Todd Ceisner will be on the water all 3 days bringing you closer to the action as it unfolds. Today, he's tagging along with Athens, Ala., resident Chris Rose. We're scheduled to be on the water for a couple hours together so we'll try to bring you as much information as we can in that time frame.

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> 9:40 am: Faircloth with another keeper on a lipless crank. We had the GoPro rolling so hopefully we'll have some video to show ya. We're about out of time with Chris Rose on the water. Be sure to check back later for our coverage of Day 2 of the Classic.

> 9:15 am: Lane has decided to concede the area to Faircloth and just motored his Phoenix out of the area and up the lake.

> 9 am: Just watched Faircloth swing a good keeper into the boat. Lane saw it, too. He's still lobbing a lipless crank around. By the way Cherry picked up and left about 5 minutes before Faircloth landed that keeper.

> 8:45 am: We've seen Lane pick up three different rods. Now, he's working a jerkbait and he's about 200 yards to Roumbanis' right. We've ID'd the other angler in here: It's Cherry. Seibold is a popular place this morning.

> 8:35 am: We left Roumbanis and idled over to where Bobby Lane and Faircloth are fishing 100 yards apart. It's the same exact cove Cherry and Faircloth were in Friday. We can see another Classic boat but can ID him just yet. Haven't seen any hook sets yet.

> 8:20 am: After a bit of searching we finally found a classic competitor. It's Fred Roumbanis and he's got a sizable crowd looking on. Maybe 30 boats and growing. He's throwing what looks like a big swimbait.

> 7:15 am: The boats are all gone heading out across the lake. Couple observations so far - Randall Tharp said he was mostly on his own yesterday. He invited folks to come watch him today but he also said he has a bunch of one-cast spots so those who decide to tag along may be on the move a lot. Also, this could be the day someone breaks out a 30-pound bag. The vibe was yesterday was that Thursday night's storm was a speed bump for these fish and they might get back on the gas today.

> 6 am: We have arrived at the Guntersville City Harbor. Great venue for fans to watch blast-off and they're out in droves already this morning. Interested to see what boat traffic is like on the water today.

> 5:45 am: Rolling into Guntersville, we notice cars with frost on their windows. It's 34 degrees, much cooler than it was at this time yesterday. The sun has some work to do today to warm things up. The anglers sounded confident that wouldn't be a problem after weigh-ins yesterday.

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