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Classic: Day 1 live coverage

<b><font color=blue>Classic: Day 1 live coverage</font color></b>

Welcome to BassFan's live coverage of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

BassFan editor Todd Ceisner will be on the water all 3 days bringing you closer to the action as it unfolds. Today, he's joined in the boat by BassFan sales executive Tim Carini, a former B.A.S.S. pro and frequent visitor to Guntersville. As some BassFans are aware, Tim had an other-worldly day of fishing last weekend just up the Tennessee River at Lake Chickamauga, where he and guide Rogne Brown teamed up to catch a 5-bass limit weighing 49 pounds. To read Tim's account of the experience, click here.

Otherwise, we'll be updating this space throughout the day as we jump around Guntersville to bring you inside the Classic.

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> 12:58 pm: We're back at the Sheraton in Birmingham, peeling off our outerwear and getting prepped to head over to the Expo before the weigh-ins get rolling. Weather turned out great today. Breezy and cool, but that big fireball in the sky finally made an appearance. Can't wait to hear the anglers' thoughts on how that may affect the fishing on the weekend.

> 10:30 am: The wind has picked up but the sun is still blazing. Tim and I are coming off the water for the day as both our phones died while out on the lake. Sorry to cut it short today but we'll have complete coverage from the weigh-in later.

> 10 am: Lane picked up and moved to a flat next to an island. On the way there we encountered KVD and his throng of followers as well as Mike Iaconelli and his Ike-onites.

> 9:45 am: We vacated Rojas' cove and found Chris Lane fishing a jerkbait along a steep, rocky bank. He has about 15 boats in his group.

> 9:31 am: Rojas now has about 10 spectator boats on him as Lee pulled up and left and took his followers with him.

> 9:08 am: Rojas is focusing now on a little culvert in a causeway. It's not big enough for a bass boat to slide through, but it would appear to act as a funnel for fish to get to a pond just on the other side. And Jordan Lee just pulled up a few hundred yards to Rojas' right.

> 9:05 am: Rojas just caught a decent fish and it allowed him to cull.

> 8:53 am: Rojas appears to be slinging a shallow-running crank right against the rocks. He's making several casts then turning around and heading back over the stretch.

> 8:45 am: Lee is fishing open water but we see Dean Rojas fishing some sun-soaked riprap. Heard he's doing well so we're heading over there now.

> 8:36 am: We've found Jordan Lee and he promptly catches a keeper.

> 8:15 am: Cherry had decided to split and leave. Faircloth is locked in a small area he continues to move across.

> 8 am: B.A.S.S. couldn't have asked for better day 1 weather. It's clear and sunny with just a hint of a breeze. Cherry continues to move back and forth across a point. He's throwing a lipless crank.

> 7:47 am: Just watched Cherry and Faircloth hook up within seconds of each other. Cherry threw his back while Faircloth put his in the box. Cherry just caught another short. Faircloth has his Power-Poles down and is winding his bait slowly.

> 7:41 am: We've moved off Crews and slid back further into Seibold Creek where Hank Cherry and Todd Faircloth are fishing within 100 yards of each other.

> 7:30 am: We've found John Crews fishing a flat with about 20 boats watching. Bright sun this morning and 48 degree water temps.

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