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FLW rookie takes matters into own hands

FLW rookie takes matters into own hands

Michael Wooley, a first-year FLW Tour competitor from Collierville, Tenn., logged a 29th-place finish in his debut event at Lake Okeechobee last week and picked up a $10,000 check. He then headed straight to South Carolina to get in some pre-practice for the next derby at Lake Hartwell and drove right into the powerful winter storm that's pounded the region recently.

He was motel-bound for several days due to iced-over launch ramps, but he remedied that today with a purchase from a local hardware store and a good bit of hard labor. He'd decided he could no longer wait on Mother Nature.

"I went and bought a snow shovel this morning and cleared off the ramp so I could get on the lake," he said. "It took 3 hours, but I'm fishing now! I wasn't going to spend another day in the motel room I was going to do whatever I had to do to get on the lake."

Before and after photos of the ramp are shown here.

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