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New logo for Strike King

New logo for Strike King

Strike King today unveiled a new logo – gone are the words "Lure Company" and "No. 1 In Fishing Lures." They've been replaced by two fish hooks in an oval "S" shape.

"Our brand has grown and transformed from a somewhat narrowly dimensioned product line into a multi-faceted, lifestyle type of entity,” said VP of sales and marketing Doug Minor. “From our surge into the eyewear market to our multi-species lure offerings to our apparel and accessories, today Strike King means so much more than just fishing lures, and this has led us to rethink and redesign our age-old logo."

Minor was quick to point out, though, that the company's primary focus is still producing baits for bass anglers.

"We are very fortunate to have experienced growth in these other categories. However, our passion has always been and will always be bass fishing. That is what brought us to the dance and we will never neglect that."

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