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Allen now up by double digits

Allen now up by double digits

Randy Allen reached the 18-pound mark for the second straight day at the Lake Amistad Bassmaster Central Open and will carry a lead of nearly 10 1/2 pounds into the final day. Thee 18-03 sack he weighed today gave him a 36-03 total.

“It’s just been one of those weeks," the Louisianan said. "When it's your time, it's your time."

“Tomorrow, we could see 20-pound sacks come in. I just hope I can hang in there with them.”

Minnesota's Andy Young scaled a four-fish, 13-11 stringer to move into 2nd place with 25-12.

“I fought and scratched all day to get that fifth bite, but it never happened,” said Young, who guides on Lake Minnetonka. “I'm doing a lot of dropshotting in deep water and around rocks. We fish deep rocks on Minnetonka all the time.”

Arkansas Elite Series pro Stephen Browning caught the biggest limit of the day (20-14) to take over 3rd place with 24-15.

Here are the totals for the 12 anglers who'll be back on the water Saturday:

1. Randy Allen: 36-03
2. Andrew Young: 25-12
3. Stephen Browning: 24-15
4. Jordan Lee: 23-05
5. Cody Greaner: 22-14
6. Kurt Dove: 22-03
7. Ray Hanselman: 22-01
8. Matt Lee: 21-02
9. Edwin Evers: 20-01
10. Troy Broussard: 19-03
11. Carl Jocumsen: 18-11
12. Dave Mansue: 18-11

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