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Auten on top at Toho

Auten on top at Toho

Todd Auten's day-1 bag at the Toho Bassmaster Southern Open was one fish short of a limit, but that was more than made up for by the fact that one of his quartet weighed nearly 9 1/2 pounds.

The veteran from South Carolina took the early lead with a 22-10 bag. He'll start day 2 with a cushion of 2 1/2 pounds over Elite Series pro Kotaro Kiriyama.

I was covering a lot of water and throwing the (Xcalibur) Xr75, Auten said.

Kiriyama was also reticent to divulge many details of his day.

It wasnt easy today, he said. I only had six bites, and none of them came until 1:40 this afternoon.

Following are the totals for the early Top 12:

1. Todd Auten: 22-10
2. Kotaro Kiriyama: 19-02
3. Garrett Rocamora: 18-11
4. John Kremer: 17-14
5. Matthew Henry 17-12
6. Jeff Cloud: 16-06
7. Darrell Pons: 16-03
8. Eric Conant: 15-14
9. Bigworm Ludwig: 15-12
10. Marty Robinson: 15-11
11. (tie) Joe Ventrello: 15-06
11. (tie) Jared Dial: 15-06

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