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Megabass Orochi XX: 'Special' delivery

Megabass Orochi XX: 'Special' delivery

When Megabass announced last year it was going to start marketing its wide range of fishing gear more aggressively in the U.S., one of the first products it introduced was the Orochi XX line of rods.

Priced under $300, each model is built to the exacting specifications of Megabass and its pro-staffers who assisted in the development of the Orochi XX series. One model in particular that can serve many needs and apply to many different techniques is the 7-foot medium-action Flat Side Special. Initially designed to throw lipless crankbaits, it's proven to be a worthy stick with smaller buzzbaits or spinnerbaits and medium-sized cranks.

In the embedded video below, FLW Tour angler Luke Clausen talks about why the Flat Side Special is a go-to rod in his arsenal and then proves it by sticking a 9-pounder during a Clear Lake test session. You'll also notice the bait he catches the giant on is blurred out that was done intentionally by Megabass since the bait is a prototype still in development.

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