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Fels' edge now more than 12 pounds

Fels' edge now more than 12 pounds

Keith Fels boosted his lead to more than 12 pounds today at the Lake Okeechobee Southeaster Rayovac with a 26-07 sack that improved his total to 47-00. His stringer was by far the heaviest of the tournament and will give him a massive lead going into the final day as he looks to close out a wire-to-wire victory.

Kent Ware jumped from a tie for 8th to 2nd with a 19-00 bag for a 34-11 total. Jared McMillan stayed in the No. 3 position with a 14-06 sack that gave him a 34-11 aggregate.

Here are the totals for the 10 angers who'll return to the water on day 3:

1. Keith Fels: 47-00
2. Kent Ware: 34-11
3. Jared McMillan: 33-10
4. Joseph Kremer: 32-05
5. Keith Pace: 31-14
6. Val Osinski: 31-13
7. Thomas Helton: 31-10
8. Miles Burghoff: 31-08
9. Brandon McMillan: 31-02
10. Randy Haynes: 30-12

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