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Fels grabs lead at Okeechobee

Fels grabs lead at Okeechobee

Ocala, Fla. resident Keith Fels caught the lone sack exceeding 20 pounds on day 1 of the Lake Okeechobee Southeaster Rayovac to set himself more than a pound apart from the remainder of the 226-angler field.

Cold weather that invaded Florida dropped water temperatures at Okeechobee into the high 50s about 15 degrees lower than they'd been previously. Temperatures are expected to increase as the event progresses.

Tennessee's Thomas Helton caught 19-08 to settle into 2nd. Jared McMillan was another 4 ounces back in 3rd.

Here's a look at the initial Top 10:

1. Keith Fels: 20-09
2. Thomas Helton: 19-08
3. Jared McMillan: 19-04
4. Jared Dial: 18-08
5. Vu Au: 16-03
6. Lionel Botha: 15-14
7. Trent Pardue: 15-12
8. (tie) Steve Daniel: 15-11
8. (tie) Brandon McMillan: 15-11
8. (tie) Kent Ware: 15-11

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