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SmartStrike: Like a digital crystal ball

SmartStrike: Like a digital crystal ball

Humminbird this week announced the launch of SmartStrike, a powerful software program compatible with the company's new ONIX and ION units that allows anglers to utilize LakeMaster map data and extensive search algorithms to pattern and locate fish.

Based on search parameters like fish species, season, time of day, and weather conditions, SmartStrike highlights areas of the lake map where fish are most likely to be located before the angler even wets a line. This minimizes guesswork, fruitless searching or wasted casting, thus maximizing time on the water.

Build detailed searches by selecting your desired search criteria. Or searches can be fast and easy: Simply click on any location on the water, select Find Similar Areas, and millions of data points are searched to return other areas like the one you selected. The SmartStrike engine searches depth ranges, aspect, type of structure, proximity to major types of lake structure, and more to quickly reveal your results.

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