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BaitBall: Three (or more) baits in one

BaitBall: Three (or more) baits in one

Koppers Fishing has introduced a radical new lure design as well as a new brand called BaitBall, which is a sub-brand to its LiveTarget lineup. The unique design implementation spotlights one of nature’s underwater survival events: The schooling formation of baitfish being ambushed by predator gamefish. The new brand is defined by three elements – BaitBall is a concept, a lure and a series of lures.

Built on the core foundation of Mother Nature’s own balance of fish survival and feeding habits, BaitBall has been in development for over 4 years.

“We’ve had it all wrong,” explained lead designer Tobias Wiegand. “Many of the hardbaits in today’s market replicate a single baitfish; however, gamefish actually perceive many lures as a small group of baitfish and not just a single isolated bait.

“It really is about profile. The cubic mass of a large crankbait more clearly resembles a smaller group of three to five baitfish rather than one large and disproportioned baitfish. By clearly understanding how gamefish forage on schooling baitfish, your perception of a typical lure will evolve."

The new designs include poppers, jerkbaits, and crankbaits. The baits will sell for $16.99 and will be available through retailers starting this fall.

For more about the concept, click on the video embedded below.

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