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McGuire, Gnewikow set pace at KY Lake

McGuire, Gnewikow set pace at KY Lake

Longtime local stalwarts Curt McGuire (pictured) and David Gnewikow each broke the 25-pound barrier Thursday on day 1 of the Kentucky Lake Central EverStart.

McGuire sacked 25-02 to lead Gnewikow by a single ounce. After that, there's a drop of more than 3 pounds down to FLW Tour pro Clent Davis, who's 3rd with 21-12.

The Top 48 in the 154-angler field all weighed at least 15 pounds. Here's how the initial Top 10 stacks up:

1. Curt McGuire: 25-02
2. David Gnewikow: 25-01
3. Clent Davis: 21-12
4. Keith Amerson: 20-00
5. Michael Wooley: 19-09
6. Craig Dowling: 19-03
7 (tie). Brian Choate: 18-14
7 (tie). Mark Rose: 18-14
9. Keith Whitlow: 18-12
10. John Lewis: 18-10

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