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Lake Guntersville FLW Tour

Jay Yelas Ė†Practice Recap
Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Jay Yelas Ė†Day 1 Practice
Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jay Yelas
Photo: Jay Yelas

When the schedule was announced, I was glad we were going somewhere else to start the season, but today when I was out there, I was like ĎI wish I was in Florida.í It was cold and windy and cloudy. Theyíre getting the coldest weather of the winter now. This is the earliest Iíve been here. Iíve never been here in January. Iíve fished tournaments here in mid to late February, but this is setting up as a winter time tournament. Itíll be different because there will be several ways to catch Ďem. I always enjoy that going to the same venue at a different time of the year.

The air temp was 35 this morning and 45 when I pulled the boat out at dark. The water was in 45- to 49-degree range. Iíd read where the water had been in the 50s recently but I think thatís because theyíve had a pretty mild winter up until the last couple of weeks.

My roommate, Scott Canterbury, practiced before cutoff and he said heíd never seen it as clear as it was, but it really dirtied up with that storm that came through. Right now, it looks like normal Guntersville to me. Itís not a mud hole, but itís pretty normal clarity.

Today, I fished the upper part of the lake. I hadnít been up there in 20 years so I went way up the river and looked at a lot of different stuff. I noticed thereís a lot of eelgrass in here now. It never used to be here until a couple years ago.

I caught several fish, but mostly short fish, which is odd for winter because if you get a bite when itís cold, itís usually a good one.

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