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Lake Michigan Elite Series

Brent Chapman Ė Practice Recap
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You can get a few bites. The problem is I donít know how itís going to work with the crowds. I literally think there will 80 to 90 boats in one 4-mile stretch of the lake tomorrow. The thing that concerns me is in practice everyone is looking for different areas and tomorrow, everybodyís going to be fishing where they got bites.

This is such a sketchy tournament, just from every aspect. Itís going to fish a lot smaller than most of our tournaments and nobody really knows what to expect. Iím sure youíll see good bags here and there, but to do it several days in a row, I think, will be tough.

Ultimately, I learned the bait yesterday that I think can hopefully save me and let me have a good tournament. The keys are going to be bait selection and where you stop first.

Brent Chapman Ė Practice Day 1
Monday, June 25, 2012

It was very hard to get around and very hard to fish. It reminded me of Chicago when we were there for the Classic (in 2000) and looking across the Indiana border and knowing thatís where we needed to be fishing but not being able to fish it.

To me, it was very windy (today) and tough to fish. I was not overly impressed. I eliminated a lot of water today.

From what little time I spent up (at the boundary line) today, it seems like itíll be crowded. I saw 20 boats in a 1-mile stretch. So far, itís not similar to Erie at all, but thatís why we have 3 days of practice to get it figured out.

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