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Toledo Bend Elite Series

Brent Chapman -- Practice Recap
Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I've got a little bit more confidence than I did on Monday – at least I've got some places where I can catch fish. It's not like I found the mother lode, but I feel better. I'll just have to catch some and hope to get lucky and get a big one.

At a bare minimum, I'd like to have 15 or 16 pounds the first day. It's going to take some weight to win this thing, no doubt. And looking toward the end of the year, I've got to have a Top 25 here (to stay in the Angler of the Year hunt), so I've got to catch a big bag every day.

I'd love to get real fortunate and catch a boatload tomorrow. That would make the second and third days a lot easier.

Brent Chapman – Practice Day 1
Monday, June 04, 2012

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This place looks a whole lot different than it did when we were here last year and I've decided I like it a lot better earlier in the year – at least after today. It's super-hot and the fish are in the summer mode and they don't seem to be biting really well. But by that same token, I'm sure if you find them they'll be really stacked up, and there will be people that find them.

I didn't find what I was hoping to find today, but I've got 2 more days to practice. This afternoon I might have found something that I can at least build off of and I know some things not to do or try tomorrow.

We had a decent breeze today, but not too bad and if it stays like that I'll be very happy. I don't want a ton of wind because that's one thing that could really hurt.

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